Most of the food products that require thickening for completion use this

carrageenanWe all have used gelatin in our food products however it you are looking for a product that is vegan and natural then there is none better than the extract from a sea weed that is red in color. This product has been used extensive by food makers across the world, the reason behinds its success is that the ingredient itself is tasteless and has minimal odor hence can be added to food items to thicken it without changing the taste or the smell of the product.

This a vegan replacement of gelatin products

Seaweeds are known to have medicinal properties in them and many medicines and ointments are made from sea weed extracts, the red sea weed that provides the carrageenan is available in abundance hence making it affordable for all. There was lot of controversy attached to the name however it has been resolved by proper education to people. When carrageen is heated at high degree it changes its properties and becomes a derivative of the original product. It losses all its capabilities and becomes inedible and can cause health disorders when in taken, the two products are completely different and can’t be mistook.

Many households extract the ingredients from the sea weed themselves

The process to extract is simple and can be done in your own kitchen by following the simple sets, may people in Ireland where carrageen is available in abundance make their own extract and uses them in sweets and other products to improve the texture and consistency of the food. Misinformation regarding this product lead to people avoiding the products that had it in its mix however once it was explained to that the derivative of the product can never be mistook to the food graded one, people have started accepting the ingredient and even acknowledge its ability to thicken liquids and also cure people of cold.