One of the perfect Diets for weight loss

A Diet which became famous over the internet is the pro ana diet in which ABC stands for Ana Boot Camp. It is a diet to lose weight in which the person strictly follows a low calorie diet, sometimes even below the recommended calories. This is followed by people who need to reduce their fat at a faster pace. There are certain risks in following this diet as there may be many side affects because of the rapid weight loss. This method is very efficient but the followers must keep in mind that if they stop this method their weight can grow back at an enormous rate even worse before starting the ana diet

Steps and Sharing of the Results

This method is followed usually around 50 days including periodic fasting, which lowers the calorie consumption of a person of the day. Exercise is also carried out a vigorous rate for the weight loss. Of course lot of water should be consumed by the person for their stomach to remain full. It should be followed by planning on day by day basis and strictly following the low calorie diet. Usually photos are shared which indicates the condition of the person before and after the diet. People who are following this diet usually stick to their rules and dedication. They monitor their progress usually by a chart and share it to others over internet which serves as a motivation because of which it has become popular over internet as mentioned earlier.

People are also aware of the danger because of the shared results which explain much about the side effects such as Malnutrition, Dehydration, Depression, exhaustion, fear etc… People are also advised to take vitamins and supplements to overcome the side effects and become successful. The average loss of weight which is shared over the internet is around 15 kgs.